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Recruitment information.
DATE: 2014/01/23


I. RF engineer, 2


1. College degree or above, wireless communication, electronic engineering, microwave and computer major, more than 3-year experience in wireless RF development;

2. Familiar with theories of wireless communication and have certain understanding of the trends and development direction of state-of-art technology in RF field;

3. Familiar with Pro-e and other tools and software;

4. Proficient in the design of RF circuit, familiar with RF debugging process and master the test index, test method of RF equipment as well as the use of commonly used instrument (spectrum analyzer, RF signal source, noise measuring instrument, vector network, oscilloscope etc.)

5. Team spirit, optimistic, aspiring and rigorous.


Monthly salary: RMB 4000-5000 + bonus

II、Research and Development Senior Engineer

1、Minimum BS. Preference for MS or PhD;preference is RF/EM field of study, strong preference for Antenna study. Should have sound theoretical and practical knowledge of microwaves and electromagnetism.

2、Must have at least 3 years of experience designing Base Station Antennas or other antennas and be able to work in a high-pressure environment.

3、Experience designing other RF devices (e.g. filters, amplifiers) would be desirable.

4、Good innovative or original thinking;

5、Project management experience, team management experience;

     Annual salary: RMB 300,000 + bonus


III. Antenna structure design engineer, 2


1. College degree or above, communication engineering, machinery and relevant major; 

2. More than 2-year experience in design of base station antenna, microwave antenna or embellished antenna structure and familiar with the relevant machinery design software;

3. Have good listening, speaking, reading and writing ability of English.

    Monthly salary: RMB 4000-5000 + bonus


IV. Financial Director, 1


1. Financial or accounting major, college degree or above, those with accountant titles will be preferred. More than 4-year experience in the financial works of manufacturing enterprises, more than 3-year experience in financial management. Good at establishing financial system and internal management and familiar with financial budget;

2. Proficient in national tax laws and regulations, have professional financial knowledge, financial transaction and financial management ability and capable of conducting general accounting works;

3. Familiar with the compilation and submission of consolidated statement and conduct analysis of financial statement at regular time;

4. Have excellent professional judgment ability and rich experience in financial item analysis and processing;

5. Attitude requirements: upright, responsible, rigorous and careful.

   Monthly salary: RMB 6000-8000 + bonus


V. Production worker, several


18-40 years old, male or female, good health, capable of bearing hardships and standing hard work, those with experiences related to antenna industry will be preferred.

Monthly salary: base salary of RMB 2000 + royalty


Employee welfare:

1. Implement the basic working time system: 8h/day and 5 days/week.

2. Provide free meal and accommodation;

3. Free regular bus for on and off duty, enjoy various subsidies, including holidays and telephone charges etc.

4. Provide transportation subsidy for non-local employees returning home in Spring Festival

5. Buy social insurance according to the national regulations, buy accident injury insurance for special position and organize staff to conduct physical examination every year;

6. Organize internal and assignment professional skills training to provide a good development platform for employees;

7. Hold various recreational activities irregularly, such as anniversary celebration, employee birthday party and athletic contests.


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